Place/Setting at HUBweek 2017

October 2017

With French 2D, Place/Setting is a series of collaborative meals set in an installation that traces the productive conversations that happen within its space during HUBweek.  The objective is to demystify the feasibility and value of cooperative models in a variety of contexts. Each meal is “hosted” by one organization and they facilitate and encourage networking, knowledge-sharing and collaboration. The installation is open to visitors between the meals and acts as a collector of the collaborative gatherings – traces of the writing on the table and sound bites of the conversation layer on the space for asynchronous immersion.

Place/Setting in the news:


AR Stories 

Fall 2017

With the Engagement Lab at Emerson College, designed and deployed workshops and community tours that invited Boston Public School students and residents to conduct research on and update the description of historic locations in Boston in the AR game Pokémon GO. The written work of youth and residents are now permanently featured in Pokémon Go and future Niantic games.

AR Stories in the news:


Reimagining Wikipedia Mentorship 

June 2014 – April 2015

I am part of a team of Wikipedians designing an expertise finding system that matches newcomers looking to learn specific skills (technical and social) on Wikipedia with expert wikipedians who have such skills. My role in the project is to support the design of the project as well as conduct research on the outcomes of newcomer performance and retention. Our work is funded by a Wikimedia Foundation Individual Engagement Grant. The final report on the outcomes of this project are available here.


CampusNeighbor x SoundLogics

January – May 2014

Gabriel Mugar+Anda French+601 Tully: Center for Engaged Art and Research

CampusNeighbor fosters meaningful and productive bartering transactions between students and residents in college communities. Using an innovative social media platform and the proven community building strategy of bartering, this project aims to promote deeper relationships, both social and economic, between students on the Syracuse University campus and residents of the Near Westside. The software was made accessible inside two kiosks, one located on campus and one located at 601 Tully. The kiosks featured interactive technology that invited participants to speak to the walls of the kiosk about their skills and needs. In return, the kiosk played back what others had said. The project launched at the end of January, 2014 and ran through the end of April. At the end of the project a Twitter campaign shared back the skills and needs of students in residents in Syracuse.

CampusNeighbor in the news:

CampusNeighbor awards:

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