Welcome! My name is Gabriel Mugar and I am an ethnographer and design researcher.

My research looks at how digital platforms used for knowledge production and civic engagement shape and constrain opportunities for volunteer participation and learning. Conversely, I also examine how volunteers on such platforms negotiate and work around the constraints on their participation and learning. In studying participation and learning on digital platforms, I focus on the intersection of technological constraints, organizational processes and ideologies, and the motivations and interests of volunteers. I situate this research within the scholarship of Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Science and Technology Studies (STS).

I received my PhD from the Syracuse University School of Information Studies and I currently work as a research associate and faculty member at the Emerson College Engagement Lab.

In addition to my work as a researcher, I lead and support various action-research, activist, and community organizing projects that build dialogue, common ground, and economic solidarity. I am the founder of the Transformative Culture Project and the co-founder of Place/Setting.


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